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Track workout details such as time, distance, calories, laps, location and notes
View detailed interactive charts for pace, speed, elevation, heart-rate, cadence & power data
Explore and edit your GPS route on a variety of map types
Analyze heart-rate, cadence and power data by customizable zones
Create and organize commonly used routes
Chart your progress over time to monitor and help achieve your fitness goals
Quickly find workouts and create reports with free text searching
Create customized saved reports
  • Quickly access reports stored by date, sport category, equipment, location, and more
Limited to 1 report
Summarize report data by sport category, location, time of day and workout name
Record any custom data fields you define for workouts, equipment and athlete info
Track your gear's maintenance history
  • Automatically count time & distance used and predict when items need to be replaced
Limited to 2 items
Record and chart athlete fitness improvements over time
  • Weight, body fat, injuries, sick time, photo diary, calories consumed, and more...
Limited to 90 days
Access powerful advanced features created by our plugin developer community
  • Over 80 plugins enhance SportTracks - more being developed every day
Limited to 2 plugins
$35.00 USD
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The FULL version upgrade may be installed on two computers of which the purchaser is the primary user.

With purchase you are entitled to FREE upgrades within the same major product version (3.2, 3.3, etc).


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