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After Import

This plugin helps you to save time, when you import new activities from your device or import files.
It automatically performs several tasks that would otherwise need your attention and lots of mouse clicks.

This is what the plugin can do for you during import. It can:
  • Assign an activity category based on the average heart rate during your workout.
    I use this to discern weight lifting workouts from indoor bike workouts in the gym.
  • Assign a location and a GPS position based on the activity's category.
    When you want to use my Weather plugin, your activities must have a GPS position. If you don't own a GPS device, After Import plugin can assign the GPS position.
  • Calculate distance and total ascent for an activity based on its category and duration;
    I use this to obtain distance and ascent for spinning or indoor bike sessions, so that they neatly sum up with my rides in the open.

  • Remove unreasonable values ("spikes") from the elevation, heart rate, cadence and power tracks of your activity and hence improve data quality
  • Intelligently thin out the elevation, heart rate, cadence and power tracks of your activity and hence reduce your logbook file size.
  • Intelligently thin out the GPS track of your activity to reduce your logbook file size even more.
    Note that this reduction is not lossless, The shape of your GPS track will slightly change, but only inasmuch as an excellent approximation is maintained.

  • Add equipment items based on the activity's category
    You might say that SportTracks can do this already. Correct! But this plugin will add equipment items and all their sub-items. So the plugin will make configuration easier for you.
  • Find weather information
    Note: You need the Weather plugin for this feature.
  • Calculate a power track, when there is GPS and/or speed information for this activity
    Note: You need the GPS2PowerTrack plugin for this feature.
  • Add a full blown documentation, based on a user definable documentation templates.
    Note: You need the Activity Documentation and Reporting plugin for this feature.
  • Add or fix the elevation track
    Note: You need the Waypoints and Courses plugin for this feature.
  • Split an activity into laps at locations that you can configure
    When you run or bike circuits or want to analyze different sections of your track (e.g. a steep uphill section), this plugin can automatically create splits for you.

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English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Keywords: import, elevation correction, automatic, automatisch, automatiquement

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