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Route/map panel/view explained

Postby CHnuschti » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:33 am

This section explains how to use the Route panel.


What are the features of the route panel, how do I use them?


MLC= Mouse left click
DMLC= Double mouse left click
MRC= Mouse right click

Preliminary remarks

See also the SportTracks and Maps FAQ, many points below are described also there, some even more detailed.

In basic SportTracks, the route panel / view is available in the Daily Activity view, the Activity Reports view, as well as in the (create) Routes view. The route panel displays routes or points of your activities on the background of satellite or street maps, worldwide. Additional USGS maps for US only are also available.
Currently, these maps are available (sources): Street, satellite (unlabeled), Aerial (US), Urban Areas (US), Topograhic (US).

Note: SportTracks stores once viewed maps on your computer. It will store it as sets of tiles, for all resolutions you previously viewed the maps. This allows you to have also maps displayed when you are not connected to the internet, however, you must already have once viewed the map at a particular location and resolution. For storage locations, see the storage FAQ.


1) Route view is on the right side of the lower half of the screen. In this panel MLC the "arrow"-icon top right in the header and select the map to be displayed with MLC. You also can choose "none", an empty, white background will be displayed.
2) You can MLC through different sizes of the route panel, cycle MLC the corresponding icon.
3) You can hide/display all map tools, located in the bar below the header, by selecting "Hide.../Show..." in the menu of the "arrow"-icon with MLC.
4) You can jump directly to the Settings page for the display of the maps, MLC "Settings" in the same menu.

5) Your route/points is displayed over the chosen map. Begin/end of a track are marked (green arrow/red point). Bottom left, a scale is displayed. In the bar below the header several menues are available. Move mouse pointer over begin/end of track markers or over pause markers: start time, total distance & average speed, pause duration will be displayed.

The route panel has 3 modes, selectable with MLC on the icon top left:
  • Explore mode. Default mode when switching to the route panel. Used in most cases, when you just want to view points/tracks.
  • Edit mode. Used to edit/modify tracks.
  • Measure mode. Used to measure distances.

6) Route panel settings

Switch to settings page according to 4), there are several modifiable settings.
  • "Route color", "Width", "Selected": Select color and width of the route line in default/selected mode with MLC on the dropdown menues. The fields percent values will set the opacity (from 10%=barely visible to 100%=full color).
  • "Direction arrows": Select the checkbox with MLC, if direction arrows of your moving direction shall be displayed.
  • "Marker Type", "Size", "Color", "Show GPS points": Select marker type, size, color in the dropdown menues with MLC, and if to display the single GPS points or not with MLC on the checkbox. The GPS points will be displayed "actively" only in the edit mode of the route panel. These settings are mainly useful/used when in editing route mode.
  • "Details", "Lap details": Selected detail informations will be displayed when a) selecting single points of the routes or b) when selecting or moving mouse pointer over a yellow splits (="laps") marker.
    MLC the corresponding arrow left of the line. A Window "... Details" will open. Now choose entries to be displayed with MLC, then MLC menu icons to add/remove. DMLC any entry will move it to the opposite column. Select an entry on the right with MLC, then MLC the "Arrow"-icons to adjust the display order, top entry will appear first, etc..
  • "Show stopped": Select checkbox with MLC, it will display "pause"-icons in the route view, according to your pause settings.
  • "Show latitude & longitude lines": Will display the WGS84 latitude/longitude lines. Select checkbox with MLC, then "Line color" and "Width" in the dropdown menues with MLC. Field with percent sets the opacity.

7) Selection of track points and sections

Selection of points in default explore mode:
  • Single point selection: move mouse pointer over point and MLC it. Point informations according to your settings in 6) are displayed.
  • Selection of a group of points: MLC a point, then push Ctrl key and hold, and continue selection of (also nonadjacent) points with MLC.
    Alternative: MLC the "Select"-icon top left (blue square), then move the mouse pointer into the route view. Pointer changes into a cross. MLC and hold, then drag a rectangle over the points/track segment. You can even expand this selection with more nonadjacent points. Push Ctrl key and hold, MLC the "Select"-icon again, move into the route view and drag a rectangle again. The selected points will be added to the previous selection. And so on.
To deselect points/sections, just MLC somewhere else.
Note: you still can pan the map according to 8 ), once points are selected. Move mouse pointer outside the track, then MLC and hold. Pointer changes into a hand. Pan your sector, the previous selection is kept. Only MLC without hold will deselect the selection.
Image Image

Pan, zoom and "fit to window"

8 ) Move mouse pointer somewhere in the map, then MLC and hold to pan/move the map.
9) Mouse wheel will zoom in and out. Zoom is always relative to the center of the route panel. Alternatively, MLC the "Zoom in" and "Zoom out"-icons top right (magnifying glass with a "+" or "-").
10) MLC on the "Fit to window"-icon will display your entire route in maximum possible size relative to the panel. This menu is available also over MRC menu, but will deselect a previous selection here.
If you previously select a point or a section of the route, or several points/nonadjacent sections, MLC on "Fit to window"-icon on top bar will maximize this selection.

Note: all features described in 8 ),9),10) are available in all 3 modes (explore/edit/measure).

Image Image

11) Editing routes
Choose edit mode according to 5). This is used to edit/modify routes etc., see detailed description in the Edit Route FAQ.

12) Measuring tool
Select measure mode according to 5). Move mouse pointer into panel, it will change into a "measure"-icon. Now MLC begin and end of distance you want to measure. Distance and longitude/latitude will be displayed. You can only measure a single distance, measuring a polygonal line etc. is not possible.

Additional features

13) Show/hide laps/splits. MLC the corresponding "Splits"-icon. Same selection as described in the splits/laps FAQ is available, however, your selection will be displayed in the route panel indipendently from the selection for the chart/graph.
14) Refresh. MLC the corresponding "Refresh"-icon. This will actualize/download your map again, you must be online for this. Available also over MRC menu.
15) Save image. MLC the corresponding "Save Image"-icon, or choose in the MRC menu. A window "Save Image" will open. Here you can modify save location and name and select size and type in dropdown menues. Note: image resolution (="quality") will be selected according to your chosen size, no matter what resolution you are actually viewing, so SportTracks may possbily need to download map tiles, therefore also here you may need to be online.

Image Image
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Postby CHnuschti » Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:08 am


Are there some useful plugins related to the route panel?


There are some plugins offering additional maps. Notably the "Apply Routes"-plugin which offers the full range of Google maps, as well as the "Dobrou extension"-plugin, which offers the maps of Google Earth.
Note however, most if not all such plugins work exclusively "online". You must be connected to the internet to have the maps displayed, maps are stored only temporarily on your computer, they have to be downloaded each time you view them.

Additional (online) maps

The Apply Routes plugin provides lots of additional map types and much more.

The Dobrou extensions plugin provides route view in Google Earth, is able to display routes in the Activity Reports view of the route panel, and has many other features.

The Czech maps adds Czech and Slovak turist online maps.

The MapOverlay and Dot Racing plugin (Shareware) adds informations to your route, enables "dot racing" with comparison of multiple activities and other things.

The OpenStreetMap plugin provides several maps created by the OpenStreetMap project.

The Swedish MapProviders plugin adds maps and aerial photos from swedish and

Route / track colouring plugins

The Dobrou extensions plugin is also able to colour your route according to your workout (heartrate, elevation, etc.) in the Google Earth map.

The MapOverlay and Dot Racing plugin (Shareware) has a similar feature.


If you think another plugin should be listed here as well, please write a PM with short description.
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Postby CHnuschti » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:27 am


I have correctly selected a map, but no maps are shown/displayed. Why?


a) A GPS track is required

Basic SportTracks will display maps ONLY if there is a GPS track in your imported activity.

b) Restrictions from Google maps may apply

Markw65 writes (thanks):
Google maps only allows access through the Google maps API. SportTracks does not use it.

Google have two ways to keep people from bypassing the API. One is to detect that you're doing it, and block your IP address (this is what is happening to you), and the other is to change the names / URLs for the map tiles from time to time.

In practice, Google only seems to block IP address for the satellite imagery, and then only if you're accessing the highest resolution images (these images are not available through the free API - you would normally have to pay to get access to them). So if you browse around at the highest resolution in the satellite view, you will actually get blocked very quickly.

However, this IP address ban is not permanent, it applies for limited time (for example 24 hours), so it should work again later.

One solution is to use the Apply Routes Plugin. It *does* use the google maps API, and so it won't get you blocked.

c) You possibly must be online

If you did not view a map at a particular location and resolution previously, you must be online (connected to the Internet), in order to be able to download the maps. When SportTracks downloads (or tries to) maps, a rotating arrow will be displayed right in the header (also if you are in course of zooming in etc.).

d) Map servers may be down

The map servers may be temporarily down (unlikely however), nevertheless SportTracks will continuosly try to download the maps.
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Postby CHnuschti » Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:14 am


Can I use own, custom maps in the route panel?


There are some plugins partially able to do this, see this FAQ.
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