Anybody switch to Mobi and also use ST3 without syncing?

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Anybody switch to Mobi and also use ST3 without syncing?

Postby dobovedo » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:12 pm

After a few days of wrangling with uninstalls/reinstalls of ST3 software & plugins, discovering corrupted cloudsync data from original 2017 signup, setting up a new mobi trial account, and manually fixing bad data in 100ish activities dating from 2004-2008... I've finally go all my activities migrated to a Mobi account.

Yay me. :|

I'm now thinking about how I might use both ST3 and Mobi separately to capitalize on the strengths of each. Looking for some advice from anyone who is using both.

Here's a short list of reasons why I don't want to make a complete switch to Mobi yet...
  • Moving Time is not available... this is a significant issue for mountain biking, where long breaks are part of a day out in the woods in tough areas like Pisgah National Forest. No.. I don't and won't use auto-pause or try to remember to stop/restart the device.
  • Can't crop/trim/split/combine activities.
  • Grade Zones - can't edit beyond the very limited Downhill/Level/Uphill bands(?*) - highlighting portions of the activity is OK, but I'd rather see a breakdown of smaller grade differences. +10%, 8-10%, 6-8%, etc.
*Unless I'm missing something? All other zones - HR, speed/pace, cadence, etc. appear to be editable.

For these reasons, and a few others, I want to keep using ST3. However, I want to purge old data and only keep maybe current year or two, reducing my database size and speeding up the application.

So here's my thinking...

  • I (currently) record my activities with a Sunnto Ambit 3
  • I connect via cable to laptop using movescount software, not thru the phone app
  • I will import activities to ST3 manually, as I always have
  • Movescount will sync to Mobi automatically
  • I will keep CloudSync turned OFF (and the plugin disabled), so that I can delete all but the current year activities from ST3 without having them get deleted in Mobi
  • I gotta make damned sure I never connect the two... I assume this will wipe out my Mobi history
  • When (not if) I need to crop, split or join activities, I can do that in ST3, then manually export/import to Mobi, removing the original activity from Mobi first
  • At the start of the new year I make sure both systems are in sync, then purge the previous year (or 2 years back) from ST3
Anybody see any flaws in this plan? Doing something similarly? Differently? Better?
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