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Feb 28, 2014

Enhancement Idea

Enhancement Idea

Postby zacklaws » Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:15 am

As much as I like the concept of Fitplan, I can never get my head around being able to work it out to create a training plan to give me a TSB etc for a target date. But last night after playing around with it, I thought of a simple idea (well it sounds simple) to create a plan.

1. Start by entering your date of your event and what it is based on, distance, time, speed etc, ie if its a 100+ ride, enter the actual distance for the computations later on.
2. Enter all the days in the calender, either hours or whole day, that you can train from the start of the plan up to the target date.
3. Enter what you would like your ATL, CTL and TSB to be on the target date.
4. Click on a "Create Plan" button, and this is where the fun begins:-
5. Fitplan, then looks through your history of past activities and then selects all those based on the TSS of the past activities as workouts and enters them into the calender of training days/hours you have entered to give you your target ATL, CTL, and TSB on the target date, taking into account, home location, the distance or time you may be riding in the event, tapering off etc. ie if your doing 100+ ride, your plan would have it built in to be doing similar rides (from your history) close to the tapering off period, providing you have rides of that distance. I have seven years of records in Sporttracks so I would have a big choice of rides for the program to select from to give me my target values
6. If you miss a training session or have to cancel some of the training dates, have a recalculate button and it will then amend the plan from that date onwards.
7. If you suddenly find you have more days/hours to train, then enter them into the plan and once again hit the recalculate button.

It sounds simple as I say, but it would be good if it works, but maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree and why I can never get my head round the program
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