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Athlete view explained

Postby CHnuschti » Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:44 pm

This section explains how to use the Athlete view.


What are the features of the Athlete view, how do I use them?


MLC= Mouse left click
DMLC= Double mouse left click
MRC= Mouse right click

Purpose of the athlete view is to log your "body" data (such as weight, rest heartrate, injuries etc.) over time, enabling you to visualize your "progress".

1) In the default Daily Activity view, switch to the Athlete view, either by choosing the corresponding menu entry with MLC or with MLC on the "Athlete"-icon top right.
Image Image

2) The Athlete view screen consists of 4 parts: the daily detail, the chart/graph over time, the history of your "body" data so far with the currently valid values, and also an athlete menu left below the calendar.
3) You can adjust the size of Detail/Chart and History. Move mouse pointer over the separator line, it will change into a double arrow. MLC and hold, move and drop.

4) Handling of time

In principle, lowest "resolution" is a day, you can make up to daily entries. Your latest entry of a particular value will be regarded as the VALID one, when it is up to calculate some current values, like energy (="calories") taking weight into account etc.. However, older calculated values still correctly take into account also the older values which were valid at that time.
So you can update your "body" data daily, once a month, or never, handle according to the detail grade you wish.
In the calendar on the left, only days with an entry will be marked.

5) Choosing the day

"Valid" day for your entries will be displayed in the header of the detail panel. By default, the date of the detail will be the current day, or the specific day selected in Daily Activity or Activity Reports view prior to switch to Athlete view. So there are 3 ways to select a specific day to be set in the detail panel:
- Choose a day/activity in Daily Activity or Activity Reports prior to switch to Athlete view.
- MLC the day in the calendar on the left.
- Use the athlete menu, MLC "Add info", a window "Add History Item" will open, here either enter the day to be chosen manually in the field or MLC the "calendar"-icon on the right and select the day with MLC.
Image Image

Detail panel

6) Several fields to fill in are available. MLC a field and fill in your values, some are used for further calculations, see below. Dropdown menues with predefined "qualities" are available for "Energy consumed" and "Sleep hours" .

7) You can mark the days you were a) sick, b) injuried or c) missed workouts. Check the corresponding boxes on the left, optionally enter a comment.
On the small "calendar"-icon right of the entry, you can also set a duration (forward and backward) of your injury etc.. MLC the "calendar"-icon and set accordingly, comment is optional. Note: you can not change the day here, available menu is determined by the previous chosen day.
All such days a), b), c) will be marked in the calendar on the left with a small red corner.
Image Image

8 ) You can also add up to ONE picture per day to document your shape, injuries etc.. Select per file browser with MLC on the "Select"-icon or paste a previously copied pic with MLC on "Paste"-icon.
A thumbnail of your pic will be shown. Move mouse pointer over it, it will be resized and menu entries will be displayed, notably also a new "remove"-icon (red cross) to remove the pic. MLC the pic, it will be openend in the browser integrated in SportTracks and be displayed in full size. Use navigation buttons to switch back to the Athlete view.
The pics will stay stored in the directory/location they come from. Be aware of this in case you transfer your logbook onto another PC or similar, your pics will not be moved with the logbook.
Image Image Image

9) Edit / delete entries
Pick the wished day first, then just overwrite or delete particular entries in the corresponding fields.
Or MLC "Clear info" in the Athlete menu, but be aware, ALL entries of the chosen day will be deleted, including sick/injuried/missed workout settings.

10) Chart / graphs panel

Handling of the graphs, what concerns selection, moving, zooming, values showed, multiple graphs etc., is exactly the same as explained in the graphs FAQ.
Choose the graphs to be displayed with MLC on the arrow top right of the chart panel. When selecting a section of the graphs, over the vertical value axes in most cases you will have displayed value differences, in some cases averages.
All graphs will be displayed exclusively over time.
Image Image

History panel

11) The history panel lists your entries chronologically.
You can choose the values (=columns) to be displayed, see this FAQ points 15)&16).
You can only sort by date, cycle MLC on the date header will sort ascending/descending, the small arrow in the header shows sort order (up=ascending, down=descending).
On top of the list, a bolded line "Current" with your current (=VALID) values is displayed. Last entry of any value will be regarded as the currently valid one.
Move up and down in your list with MLC and hold/drag on the slider on the right.

12) Grouping the history list offers some additional features. MRC somewhere in the history list, then choose "Group by...", for example by month, with MLC.
The list will be compacted to the chosen period. For some values (=columns), now the total amount of entries, days etc. will be displayed.
Select a compacted line with MLC. Now note the chart / graph panel, the selected period will be selected also in the graph. See also the detail panel, the fillable/editable fields are greyed out, always the latest entries of the selected period will be displayed.
To expand/contract compacted lines either use MLC on the "+"/"-" icons or DMLC the line.
To get back into "editable mode" for the detail panel, either MLC a day in the calendar on the left or expand contracted lines and MLC a single day.
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Postby CHnuschti » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:34 pm


Which "body" data is used for calculations etc. in basic SportTracks?


Some "body" values are needed for some calculations, else calculations will not be performed and/or such calculated values will be output as 0=zero and/or left empty.

- Name: will be used by default in the file name of the logbook.
- Weight: used/required for energy (="calories") calculations (IF using the SportTracks own calculations, see this FAQ points 3),7),9).
- Height: will be used to calculate BMI. However, BMI will be prefilled only ONCE, once weight and height is entered. Later you have to change manually.
- Age (="date of birth") is NOT used anywhere.
- Max./rest heartrate is NOT used in energy (="calories") calculations.
- Max. heartrate is used for calculation of "% of max. heartrate (max. HR)".
- Rest heartrate is used for calculation of "% of heart rate reserve (HRR)".

Note: For calculations of current values using some "body" data, always the latest entry of a particular "body" value will be used. However, for older calculated values, the "body" values valid for the corresponding period will still be used.
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