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Jun 15, 2016

Small hiccups doing my head in

Small hiccups doing my head in

Postby zacklaws » Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:28 am

At the moment I am getting frustrated with some of the "Equipments" little quirks bugging me.

The first is, if I do a few rides, all using the same equipment, it is easier to enter the equipment into one of the rides, then do a copy and paste into the other rides from that ride, but....I cannot paste directly into another ride which has already had equipment entered due to the import settings as I then can end up with equipment that was not used etc, so I have to open up the equipment menu under "edit" and "remove all", but what happens then is, the menu closes, I then have to open up "edit" again, select "equipment" again, then select "paste". I think that it would be a far simpler option, if under the "Equipment" menu, to also have a " remove all and paste" or paste and over write" etc option. That way it would be just one simple operation.

My second gripe is, when I select items that I have used on a ride, when I select one that has exceeded its life's expectancy, a warning menu pops up to tell me so, but when you close it, the equipment menu has also closed which once again means opening it up and scrolling through the items till you get to where you was before it closed itself down. At the moment, I have 3 items on one bike that has exceeded its life expectancy, a chain, a tyre and a wheel, everytime I select one of them, I get the warning, close the warning down, reopen the equipment list, find where I am and then continue. Four times I have to open the Equipment menu for just one ride, counting the initial opening of it, plus after the three times its closed itself down. My work around is to alter the life expectancy to a higher mileage to stop the warning pop up, but then I do not get the warnings to remind me to check my three items which could have finally worn out on my last ride. It would be far better if the warning menu popped up after you have closed the equipment menu down.

Also I have noticed recently, that if I use "remove all" equipment through the menu under edit, the "equipment" menu under edit vanishes, so I can only edit a ride through summary, but if I use "copy" and have something in the clipboard ready to paste, this does not happen.

Also is there a way of listing parts as parts of another part, which is also a part of another part, for example, I can only list a wheel as belonging to a certain bike, but if I enter a tyre or/and a cassette belonging to a wheel, I then cannot enter that wheel belonging to a bike, the heirachal thread line only seems to allow one item.
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