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Jan 11, 2013

Bug & crash reports

Re: Bug & crash reports

Postby popolski » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:06 am

Hi together,
i have the same problem (wrong date, 1 day shift) but the other direction. I schedule for Jan 8 in Garmin Fitness. Export to device ..
Success.. In the device its scheduled for Jan 7.

But I am using the actual version of Garmin Fitness 1.1.157 and the actual Communicator plugin
My Garmin is a 305 and I am running Win 7 64bit.
Any idea?


Neets wrote:
PissedOffCil wrote:
Neets wrote:Hi there. Love the plugin. So much nicer to use than the website.
What I wanted to pass on is the mismatch of date from the calendar in ST to the scheduled date in the Garmin 310XT.
It's always a day out. If I add a workout to the calendar it shows as a scheduled workout one day after.
I want a workout (event) on the 30th of October. Knowing that the date is one day out I've exported the workout which I've put in the calendar as the 29th.
If I entered the workout in the calendar as the 30th, it would show on the watch as the 31st.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or just because New Zealand is ahead of the rest of the world and somehow the date in the calendar is known to be US date or something else peculiar.

You can find a version with the fix here: ... .st3plugin

I also updated the version of the Communicator SDK I'm using so you'll need to install Communicator version or later which is still in beta version but can be found here :

Send me a PM for your donation key

Hi there

I wanted to report in. The two links worked perfectly. The test page for the Communicator confirmed the update had taken place. The plugin installed without hitch and I shut down Sport Tracks as requested.

Next I set about creating a new workout for the date I wanted to complete this. I can confirm that the activity sent to the Forerunner 310XT is exactly the date I set in Sport Tracks.


Thanks for your help.
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Re: Bug & crash reports

Postby EarthSongWoman » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:22 pm

Sorry to take so long to reply - I thought I would be notified automatically by email - which didn't seem to happen.

Thank you for your reply - So the story so far...
After posting here I eventually managed to get all the tracks onto my Garmin by doing them in chunks it seemed a couple of workouts were not going across - fartlek ones I think it was.

Then just recently I have changed a lot of the settings for my workouts - adjusted HR ranges mostly and I wanted to export them to my Garmin and basically one or lots would not go across - it stuck at either - so I deleted my history on the Garmin itself to free up space in case that was the problem - that seems to have helped in that I can upload one at a time.

SO then I tried your suggestion of exporting files then importing to Garmin Training Center and then exporting again - this worked fine.. so its good to have a work around.

Just now I tested it still didn't work to upload from your Garmin fitness area to the Garmin - now it works! Singley or all at once!!

So thats great practically - though I still don't understand why it didn't work before.

So all is well in effect, I will let you know though if I get this problem again...
Thank you for your time and help
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Re: Bug & crash reports

Postby PissedOffCil » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:54 am

it really sounds like you are hitting a limitation of some sort. Maybe GTC erases all previous workouts when you export new ones and this freed some space for my plugin to work afterwards? I'm really not sure, the fact that the Garmin Communicator plugin doesn't always report errors and sometimes just hangs up is annoying and doesn't help track the problem... If you get the problem again, try to delete a couple of workouts (not history, advanced workouts) directly from the device and try again. My bet is that it will work afterwards but report when you experience the problem again.

One way or the other, there is no way to delete past workouts on the device using the Communicator plugin so I can't really fix this is it's the problem. I could however document it better and/or detect this scenario to warn the user.
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