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Aug 26, 2015

Setting 'Heart Rate Zones' / Factors

Setting 'Heart Rate Zones' / Factors

Postby martin.gudmand » Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:32 am

I just noticed the huge difference it makes for TSB value to change the heart rate zones (Sporttracks -> settings -> heart rate zones). In my setup these are directly transferred to 'Training Load' 'settings'. Under 'Training Load' settings I can then see the 'factors' that are calculated for each heart rate zone.

How should I set the Heart Rate Zones so they are optimal for Training Load plugin?
- How many zones (increments)
- Should zones increase linearly with heart rate (should red line in factor vs heart rate plot be straight line)
- Why, and does it matter, does the red line in factor vs heart rate plot "go back" to point (heart rate, Factor) = (inf, 0) after last zone?

I am:
36 year old male.
Heart rates: Resting = 42, maximal = 176
PR's: 10k 39min:sec, HM: 1h:25min

Bonus question:
I have read that some people calibrate factors so a 1 hour race gives a TRIMP value of 100. Is this needed in order to compare absolute values; e.g. when a TSB value of 10-20 is recomended on race day (as written on TrainingPeaks website).
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Postby mechgt » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:49 pm

The default settings should be appropriate. It's based on a generally accepted algorithm (I've found it in several places, don't have a specific reference at the moment).

The settings I would recommend:
1) Enable Automatic Mode in Training Load settings page: Settings > Training Load: Look for Automatic Mode checkbox.

2) Set your max & rest HR in athlete settings. Set it far back in history... as early as the first activity in your logbook. Feel free to adjust it as time goes on (shouldn't move too much or too often realistically). Even if you don't know take a guess at what your old numbers should be. This step is important and one of the most frequent issues for people that aren't having TRIMP values calculated! Training Load needs HRmax AND HRrest

Select View > Athlete: Select appropriate date(s) and enter values for Resting HR and Max HR.

3) Feel free to play with CTL and ATL time constants if you like, but the default values should be ok.

If you use these settings, you should get very good results.

EDIT: These instructions have been updated to include Automatic Mode added in version 2 of Training Load
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