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Aug 26, 2015

Plugin License Emails & Activation Issue FAQ

Plugin License Emails & Activation Issue FAQ

Postby mechgt » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:14 pm

The FAQ below pertains to all plugins authored by mechgt. Plugins by other authors may be different.


I ordered a plugin license but didn't get an email...? Now what?

License emails are generated automatically and typically go out VERY quick, however give it 15 minutes just in case. Most typically missing emails got caught by a spam filter somewhere - hotmail for example, is notorious for this. In any case you can't find it... what should you do?

Below are the steps for getting you up an running quickly if email troubles are encountered:
1) Check the SportTracks License Management page - All mechgt plugin licenses are displayed there for you. See example above.

2) Check your spam folder - hopefully the email is sitting in there waiting for you :)

3) Make sure you're checking the email address registered with PayPal... that's where the license email will be sent. Sometimes this isn't the normal address you use on a daily basis.

4) Email me at and I'll re-send your activation email.

I bought a license a while ago and now it won't activate. License Limit Exceeced.... Now what?!?

Plugin licenses (for mechgt plugins) can be activated on a limited number of computers. Re-installing Windows, getting a new laptop, etc. all count as different computers. But not to worry, head over to the License management page and deactivate those old computers. See above example showing Deactivation button.

Deactivating old computers frees up space to activate your new computer.

My license isn't showing up on the management page. Help!

Send and email to with your activation code and the email address you've registered on SportTracks with (see image highlighting this email address). I'll have to fix this one.
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