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Current Training Status - Enhancement Suggestions

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:20 pm
by the5krunner
Re: Current Training Status box in bottom right hand corner.

I have been looking a bit recently at HRV analysis eg bioforce and ithlete products - there are many other similar.

OMBs Live Recording plugin allows HRV / R-R data to be recorded and some sports watches record that info in any case (eg 910XT - see my site to find out how ;-) ).

In SportTracks>Daily Activity>Custom data fields: there is a "RMSSD [ms]" field. This needs to be populated daily by a 2-3 minute supine (laying down) HR recording before getting out of bed.

For readability, to convert to a score out of 100 I think you use the natural log (like ithlete and bioforce and lepo): lnRMSSDx20

The change in this figure from your 'baseline' then gives you your 'current training status'...basically your readiness to race or readiness to do a hard session (or an excuse to NOT do one if it tells you you are tired).

I think this very nicely complements training load. To me training load seems to be better at weekly/monthly stuff whereas the HRV seems potentially better day on day.

So the enhancement could be to show the current status vs last week vs last month...something like that. It could be a numeric field or it could be colour coded.

In theory I would use it. However it would be a faff for me to input the data BEFORE each session at the start of the day to decide what I am going to do. I tend to use SportTracks post-exercise....might be one for .mobi?

Thoughts anyone?