Requesting FAQ's, Info & Resources - Please Read!

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Requesting FAQ's, Info & Resources - Please Read!

Postby clackerz » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:15 am

The FAQ forum represents a forum where members have submitted Answers to Questions, links to Resources or Information that they see being Frequently Asked or needed within the community to assist other SportTrack users.

The most important aspect of a new FAQ thread is that a FAQ....

"Must include the answer to the question being asked."

When a FAQ is posted in this forum the following criteria should be used:
  1. A question needs to be asked.
  2. The question being asked needs to be something that the community members frequently ask.
  3. The answer to this question needs to be provided.

If you have a question but do not know the answer, feel free to use the Search Areato search for an answer in the FAQ forum or across all the site forums. If you cannot find your answer and need help from the community then instead, find the most relevant forum on this site for your specific question and post your question in that forum.

This is not just a FAQ - it's a Resources Area - an area that will grow as a wealth of information for all users of the SportTracks community!

Requesting a FAQ:
If you have an idea for a FAQ, see a topic that requires a FAQ or even information and resources on equipment we use for our activities, please send a PM to one of the FAQ Moderators include relevant information, links to resources, pics etc.

Writing/Submitting a FAQ:
You can write your own FAQ that will assist members using SportTracks, with process, information etc by sending a PM to one of the FAQ Moderatorsof the proposed post.
Include links and images (without the tags) - these will be included once it has been added to the FAQ. This way the structure stays intact with any pics, or web links etc.

Getting Started with SportTracks:
If you're getting started with SportTracks, or wish to know more about what SportTracks can do for you, check out the Demo Area
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