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Jan 14, 2016

Activation Code and Fitness Metrics

Activation Code and Fitness Metrics

Postby dbrillha » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:24 pm

I'm getting a Stages Power Meter in a few weeks (they are back ordered). So this plug-in looks like it'll help me make sense of the data I collect.

Can I get a trial activation code?

Also, two metrics I *think* would be very interesting to know for a ride (or even a line graph for a single ride) are:

1. N-HR/NP (normalized HR / normalized power)
basically, a view of fitness that tells me my weighted average HR for the ride divided by the weighted average power.
say my moving (auto-paused) avg HR was 132 for an NP of 180W. And a month later, HR dropped to 127. I know I'm probably getting more fit. Granted, temp and cardiac drift can influence this.

2. Coupling of N-HR -vs- Power
this simply looks at the HR/NP for the first half, and compares it to HR/NP for the 2nd half of the ride. that is another interesting view of fitness... or possibly your level of heat acclimation... or hydration level... to know if you struggled more (higher HR) to produce the same units of power later in the ride. if that "drift" is high, you probably did something wrong (let yourself get dehydrated) or you need more heat acclimation time.

Wondering if this plugin has a way to show these two metrics? If not, I think I can probably do that with the Custom Data Fields plugin.
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