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Jan 14, 2016

New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Like to have Efficiency Factor in Training Analysis?

Yes, using Heart Rate Reserve
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New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Postby svarteld » Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:34 pm


I'm in discussion with OldManBiking, who've made this plugin, and there's a new version coming soon. I'd like to see a new metric, and hear what you all think about it.

Since long, I'm calculating Efficiency Factor, EF, in Calculated fields, and is really useful in rating my progress on the bike. It's also one of the new features in TrainingPeaks, more to read here: ... friel.aspx

EF = Power/Heart Rate

To make it useful, Critical power is used instead:

EFt = CPt/HRt, where t is a reasonably long time to make HR more stationary, like the normal 20 min, 60 min, 180 min.

Even more useful is using Heart Rate Reserve: HRR = HR-HR rest.

Training Analysis is by far the best plugin I use, and it's already calculating CPt and HRt, so EFt would be simple to add, is already used by other leading programs, and make it possible to see if fitness is improving, and if an effort is good, regardless of low or high intensity.

Like to have this in Training Analysis? Then vote yes!

Power EF.png
Power and EF (single line)
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Re: New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Postby hobu » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:22 am

I vote YES. Would be a good addition to an already beautiful plugin :D
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Re: New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Postby old_man_biking » Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:08 am

If yes, it would make sense to relate Power to HRreserve (HR - HRrest), not absolute heart rate.

The "Correlation" feature of the plugin lets you view a splatter chart HR vs. power today.
It does a linear regression which in fact determines two values:
* HR at zero power
* bpms per W of power (the slope of the regression line)
I quite often observe very high correlation indices (R²), so the linear approximation is good.

Your EF related to HRreseve is similar, although HR@0W is obviously higher than HRrest.
So EF is not quite exact. But it's simple and hence more helpful than a more exact but more complex measure.

Think I'll add the EFs to the Critical Power tab.
And possibly an EF track with a rather strong smoothing. I had already planned a track like "% of HR value according to HR/Power regression line", but the EF track is easier to understand and comparable across activities.
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Re: New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Postby svarteld » Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:49 am

The EF track would be a great tool, please do! To track a filtered momentary EF during a workout could be interesting, looking at efficiency impact regarding dehydration, altitude, bonk, sloppy pedaling due to fatigue, etc.

To get the best precision from EFt without complicating things, I suggest using a setting for HR @0W in the plugin settings page. This can be preset by the plugin the first time to global HR rest. That way, users that want more precision can get it.

True, your Correlation function already calculates EF and HR @0W for the entire activity, and many activities. Users that like to set HR @0W can look it up there.

It would be good to have EFt as a complementary graph in the CPt graph, just as HRt is available there now.

And do let the Activity Documentation plugin see EFt, to be used in reports! I find t= 5, 20, 60, 180 min useful.

Good news this!
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Re: New feature for fitness tracking; poll!

Postby svarteld » Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:56 am

As a side note, all this works for running without any extra coding/work, if one uses the GPS2Power plugin. I track a similar efficiency for running since a year or so.

(The only thing I miss is a UI for GPS2Power, setting parameters more suitable for running, but I know it's not planned to happen)
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