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Training Analysis Beta Test

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 7:07 am
by old_man_biking
Hi folks,

I have nearly finished some major addons to this plugin and would like to beta test it before releasing it to the public.
If you're interested to participate, please send me a PM with your email address and subject "Training Analysis Beta Test".

The major addons are:
  • Support for dynamic heart rate zones (as % of heart rate reserve) and power zones (as % of FTP);
    the absolute values of these zones are automatically adjusted so that the percent values keep constant
  • Activity detail page: added comparison with other activities, courses and workouts as tab "Compare";
    the "workout" comparison is really great for those who use Garmin's workout feature
  • Activity detail page, tab "Correlation": added standard correlation "Quadrant Analysis"
    (which is pedal force vs. circumferential pedal velocity)
  • Activity detail page: added lap markers to all charts (with tooltips, creation of new markers, ...)