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Activity reports explained

Postby CHnuschti » Thu May 14, 2009 8:10 am

This section explains how to use the Activity Report view


What are the features of the Activity Report view, how do I use them?


MLC= Mouse left click
DMLC= Double mouse left click
MRC= Mouse right click

Activity Reports view by default gives you a list and a chart of all your activities of the category "My Activities" (and its subcategories) of the loaded logbook. You can sort, filter and group your activities. The search with a lot of parameters enables you to select a part of your activities and get its sums and averages. You also can save and reload selections of your choice.

1) Switch to the Activity Reports screen. Either choose Select View=>Activity Reports or the corresponding icon on top right with MLC.
2) The main screen consists of 3 main parts. List on top, chart on bottom right, route on bottom left. Additonally, on the left side below the calendar, there is an activity report menu. On start of SportTracks, your list will contain all activities of the loaded logbook.
3) You can expand the window with the 3 main parts by hiding the hole left column. Move the mouse pointer over the separator line. It will change into an icon (arrow and point). MLC, left column will hide. Once hidden, moving the mouse pointer over the left edge, the icon will reappear, MLC will restore the column.
4) Chart and Route window can be expanded, MLC on the icon will cycle through the different sizes.

Selection of activities; removing/deleting activities

5) Selection of a single activity: MLC the activity/day, either in the calendar top left, in the list, or by MLC a red marker (it represents the location of the begin of an activity) in the route view. The activity will be highlighted in all said windows. In the route view, additional informations will be displayed.
In the list and route view, with DMLC on the activity/marker SportTracks will jump directly to the Daily Activity view and show it.

6) Selection of several activities can be done only in the list and route window, not in the calendar.
In list: MLC on activity, then hit shift key and hold, MLC on another activity will perform a selection. MLC, then hit Ctrl key and hold, then MLC on another activity, and so on will perform a multiple selection of nonadjacent activities.
In route: MLC on red marker, then hit ctrl key and hold, MLC another activity, and so on for multiple selection. Alternative is to use the select button top left. MLC the icon once, then move into route view. Pointer will change into a cross. MLC, hold, and drag a rectangle over the wished activities.

You can remove / delete one or more activites at once. Select them as explained above, then push "Delete"-key on your keyboard (there is no menu entry for this), you will have to confirm a popup. Be aware, this will remove/delete activities from your LOGBOOK, they will be gone definitely, this is not just a ("temporary") removing from the list.

Searching activities

7) MLC the search icon on top of the list, various parameters will be shown. Choose one with MLC.

8 ) Now a box where to enter the search value/term will appear. MLC on the red cross will deselect it, the box disappears. Note, also a description of the search value/term appears. MLC it, additional options will be displayed, they do differ depending on the search parameter you choose.
Also a new search icon appears. For every chosen search parameter, a new search icon will appear. This way, you can search with multiple parameters, progressively narrowing down your search results to the wished selection grade. Once set, you can modify any of the open search fields, the list will be actualized immediately.
The calendar in the left column will mark only the days with the selected activities.

Date and category search do offer some additional handling options.
9) Date search displays also a calendar icon. MLC, a month is displayed. Now you can
a) MLC the day to choose it.
b) MLC the right/left arrow in the header or use the mouse wheel to scroll to the next/previous months.

10) Category search displays all available categories. MLC the "+"/"-" icons to expand/contract subcategories, choose the wished category with MLC.
11) As alternative, you can also (preliminary) choose the category in the header of the list window with MLC. If a search field "category" is open, it will override the selection in the header.
Image Image

Grouping activities

Grouping is an easy tool to get partial sums, averages etc. of all or a selection of activities.
12) In the list, MRC somewhere, then choose "Group by" and choose the type of grouping with MLC.
13) The grouped view will display. Expand/contract with MLC on the "+"/"-" icons. All activities of your selection are still there, the compacted lines will show you sums, averages etc. of the activities included therein.
Note: In grouped view, the (sub)totals etc. of contracted/compact lines are calculated the same way as described in 17) "Totals of the list" below.
Image Image

Sorting activities

14) Cycle MLC any column header of the list, it will sort ascending and descending. The sorted column will be marked with a small arrow (up=ascending, down=descending). If you are in a grouped view, it will still be sorted, but only in the lowest level, the single activities. Expand to see it.

Values (=columns) in the list

15) You can choose countless values (=columns) for your list. Also values of your own set up zones (Heart rate zones, climb zones etc.) in the categories are available. MRC somewhere in the list, then choose "List Settings..." with MLC.
16) A window "List settings" will open. Choose the values to be shown by using its menu and MLC. Holding Ctrl & Shift key for multiple selection works in this window. Or DMLC an entry, it will jump between the two columns.
Choose the order of appearance by moving entries up und down with the arrow icons in the right column with MLC. Top entry will appear as first column left in the list.
With "fixed columns", you fix one or more columns on the left side of the list. Given the case you have more values to display than place available in the list, a slider to move the columns with MLC+hold at the bottom of the list will appear; the fixed columns won't be moved and always stay visible.
The "group by" option is exactly the same as explained in 12) and 13). MLC "OK" or "Cancel".
Image Image

Total of the list

17) The total line on bottom of the list in principle shows sums or averages of your selection. So in some cases you will possibly get an average of already averaged values (example: average heartrate).

This makes not always sense (example: maximum heartrate). For such maximum values, in the value selection for the list as explained in 15) and 16), there are available 2 types of entries for the same value:
a) One labeled with a "(avg)" in between. In the total line, it will display the maximum AVERAGE value out of all selected activities, while
b) the other will pick indeed the absolute maximum out of all selected activities.
a)&b) are identical in the line of the activities, their meaning changes only in the line of total. Result line of a) might look a bit odd at first sight, but it is "mathematically" correct, see picture.
For "values", where a total makes no sense at all (example: Day of Week), total will be left empty.

Saving and loading activity reports

18 ) You can save and update activity reports. Choose "Save report" in the menu on the left column with MLC. A window will open.
You can save or update any actual displayed activity report you've set up in course of selection, filtering, searching, grouping, with MLC. MLC "OK" or "Cancel". The report will be entirely reproduced (also the group type) INCLUDED the chart and its graph(s) at the time of saving it. However, chosen values (=displayed columns), route view and overall settings are NOT reproduced, if changed in the meanwhile.
19) (Re)Load activity reports with MLC on "Select report" in the menu. Available reports are listed, the marked one is actually displayed.
By default, on SportTracks start, a "New Activity Report" will be loaded, containing ALL activities of the category "My Activities" (and its subcategories) of the loaded logbook.
20) MLC on "Organize Reports" opens a window allowing you to delete saved reports (select report, then red cross with MLC) or to determine the display order of your saved reports (select report, then arrow icons to move up and down, with MLC).

Image Image

The chart

21) The chart displays graphs/bars of all LISTED activities.
Selecting (=highlighting) particular activities in the list has no effect on the chart, it still will show all activities in the list. "Reduction" of the list has to be performed with search, filtering, etc..
Handling of the graphs, what concerns selection, moving, zooming, values showed, multiple graphs etc., is exactly the same as explained in the graphs FAQ. Values to be displayed are selected in the field "Data:", type displayed is chosen in the field "by:", with MLC. You can choose between bar chart and line diagram with MLC over their icons. In multiple graphs, only the first value can be displayed as bars, the other will be displayed as lines.

Additional remarks

22) Once you have chosen a selection by filtering, search etc., it will be preserved, as long you do not close SportTracks. You can switch to daily activity view, settings page (AND change settings), etc., when you come back your selection is still there. For a new selection, you have to close/delete and/or modify your search fields.

Printing the list of activity reports

23) There is no feature to directly print the data of your selection in the list.
Workaround: MRC somewhere in the list, then choose "Copy" with MLC. Then paste it into another application (Excel, Word, etc.) and print it there. Your selection is copied same as displayed, as "text with tab". If you export to Excel or similar, time values and other might be misrepresented due to cell format issues, so you may want to preformat these sheets.
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Postby CHnuschti » Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:36 pm


Are there some useful plugins related to the Activity Reports view?


Displaying activity tracks in the route panel of the Activity Reports view
For instance, in the basic SportTracks, this is not possible. You will have displayed only the start points of all your activities in the list.
The Doubrou extensions plugin is able to display the routes of all SELECTED (=highlighted) activities in the list at once. Just select the activities and the corresponding map:

Printing Activity Reports
The Activity Documentation plugin (Shareware) allows you to create and print a formatted documentation for your activity.

Summaries for any selection of activities in the Activity Reports list
The Accumulated Summary plugin summarizes the values of a selection of activities in the Activity Reports list.

Comma separated values (*.csv) export of the Activity Reports list
The CSV Export plugin allows an export of the list as *.csv file.

Comparing / overlaying the graphs of any selection of activities in the Activity Reports list
The Overlay plugin allows to compare/overlay several graphs of different activities.

Find activities with similar GPS Route
The Unique Routes plugin allows to find all activities with a similar GPS route.

If you think another plugin should be listed here as well, please write a PM with short description.
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