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Apr 9, 2016

New prediction model - Elinder

New prediction model - Elinder

Postby gerhard » Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:37 pm

2.0.467 2015-01-30
* Add predicting. Works very well, especially for activities longer than 2h.
* Predicting on many activities no longer requires High Score Plugin, it uses the "best" activity to predict.
* Possibility to override the time/distance directly in the toolbar (this was possible in the Extrapolate - Ideal tab previously).
* Show all predictor models in the table. The selected model is shown first and used in training suggestions etc.
* Reenable chart, show pace/speed in addition to time over distance.
* Riegel factor is configurable - possibly usable for other activities than running
* Many minor updates and bugfixes.

More information in the documentation about the new algorithm, Elinder. ... or#Elinder

I find it working very well to predict especially Marathon from shorter runs.
The formula takes into account that the performance degrades more over 2h. Just scaling world records (basically what other algoritms use) do not take this into account, you are longer in the "slow" zone.
So if you run a half marathon in 1:30, you are more likely to run a marathon in 3:20 (Elinder) than in 3:07 as WAVA predicts.
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