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Settings page explained

Postby CHnuschti » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:51 pm

This section explains how to use the settings page.


What are the modifiable settings in SportTracks, how should I set them, what influences/effects do they have?


MLC= Mouse left click

This FAQ covers almost all modifiable settings of SportTracks.
Some of them affect the calculation of values, totals etc.. For a summary of all settings affecting such calculations ("numbers") alone see the Summary: value calculations FAQ. It will lead you straighter to the corresponding settings.

1) Settings page is accessible over the "Other Tasks"-menu in the 4 main SportTracks screens (Daily Activity, Equipment, Athlete, Activity Reports), MLC "Settings".

2) Settings page has several submenues. Expand all with MLC on the "+"-icon.
Note: all modified settings apply IMMEDIATELY as soon you leave the settings page.

3) "Display" submenu
Select your settings in the dropdown menues with MLC.
  • "Week starts on:" will influence the handling of your weekly/monthly subtotals in the list of the Daily Activity view. Week rows in the calendar also will start with the set day.
  • "Theme": change appearance (colors) of SportTracks. Single themes can be customized, see point 6) below.
  • "Language": actually, you can choose between 18 different languages, some are added occasionally.
  • "Units": select several units. US-units and metric units are available. Note: this sets the default units. For distance and elevation, you also can assign different units to each activity category (also mixing metric and US-units). See the Activity categories FAQ.

4) "Routes" submenu
Determines several settings influencing the display of the route panel. See details in the Route panel FAQ point 6).

5) "Analysis" submenu
Determines settings for the calculations of values, totals etc..
  • "Activity Time": determines, how pauses shall be handled, see detailed pause FAQ.
  • "Heart Rate Settings": is used for some visualization in the chart/graph of the heartrate and related values in lists. Select in the dropdown menue between "% of max. heartrate (max. HR)" and "% of heart rate reserve (HRR)" with MLC. You need to set your max. HR and rest HR in the Athlete view point 6) for this.
  • "Cycling Settings": sets cutoffs for power and cadence, see detailed cutoff FAQ.
  • "Data smoothing": enables different, indipendent smoothing settings for some values, see detailed smoothing FAQ.

6) "Theme" submenu
Determines appearance of a particular theme. Select a predefined theme from the list with MLC, theme will change instantly, you get a first impression. Customize color of several screen elements with MLC on the dropdown menues. On top, after having selected a particular theme from the list with MLC, with MLC on the corresponding icon, you can reset it to default "values", copy it to set up an own theme, or import/export the theme. Name of theme can also be modified.

7) "Import" submenu
Predefines some behaviour of SportTracks at import of activities.
  • "Prefill location...": In the Daily Activity view, you can assign location names to your activities in the field "Location:". If this option is checked with MLC, SportTracks will prefill the location based on previously entered location names and their corresponding GPS coordinates. It will be not necessarily correct, see it as a proposal which you can overwrite, if it does not match.
  • "Prefill category...": All activities must be assigned to a particular category. Similar as above, based on categories assigned to speed/pace of particular, previous activities, SportTracks will prefill the category based on the "incoming" speed/pace, if option is checked with MLC. Also here, it is a suggestion, reassign if not matching.
  • "split activities...": Will split activities with the to be entered gap in hours in 2 or more parts, if checked with MLC.

8 ) "Weather" submenu
Allows to define a weather station for a location. Will be used to fill in automatically some weather values in the corresponding fields of the Daily Activity view on import. First select weather provider in the dropdown menu with MLC, then enter your location. Now switch to another view to launch check process. Entered location will be searched. You will be informed in an opening window if location is not found (try a larger city in vicinity in this case) or you possibly must select from several available weather stations with MLC. Confirm window with MLC on "OK". You can enter only one location, you'll have to re-enter manually if the location of particular activities is somewhere else.

  • Standard weather provider of SportTracks ("World Weather") will fill in max. temperature and generalized conditions of the day for ALL activities of this day. There is no differentiation according to daytime of the activities. On import, actually imported activities of up to the past 30 days will be prefilled with weather informations.
  • Notably the GPS2Powertrack plugin allows to prefill weather data more accurately, taking account of the activities daytime, and also providing additional details such as humidity, wind speed etc., also allowing to choose data from different weather stations.


9) "Data files" submenu
Set default folder where your logbook shall be saved. Select folder with file browser over MLC on the "folder"-icon on the left. In the file browser, expand/contract directories and volumes exclusively with ONE MLC on the "+"/"-"-icons, use the slider on the right to move up and down in the list with MLC and hold. Doubleclick does NOT work in this window! Select final save folder with MLC.
Set behaviour of SportTracks on exit for saving the logbook in the 2 additional dropdown menues.
Behaviour of the "Make backups of logbooks:"-setting: Select the amount of copies to be kept. This is not just a copy of the actual logbook. It is the backup of your last saved logbooks. So say you set it to keep 2 copies, then your second and third last saved logbook will be kept. This way, if your last saved logbook is messed up seriously, you still have copies of previous save "steps". These backup files contain a "backup"-labeling in their names, they are stored in the same folder as the logbook.
Image Image

10) "Internet" submenu
Check box with MLC to use a proxy when connecting to the internet. Usually not used "at home", but might be required in some special network architecture as in big companies etc.. Ask your administrator for details what to fill in the available fields :D.

11) "System" submenu
This will display the version number of installed SportTracks. So be sure to check here and compare with the Announcements subforum to verify if you have the latest version, before complaining about something "not working".
"View system log": This menu probably will be active, but possibly may be inactive, if no "exceptions" were registered so far. MLC it, it will display the system log, containing error messages, when for example a plugin could not be launched at SportTracks startup, and similar things. May be useful to determine more precisely the reason for errors.

"Plugins" submenu

12) This submenu lists your installed plugins (of SportTracks and from third party) and offers some related features.
Top right, MLC on the "View Plugin Catalog"-icon will redirect you directly to the plugin catalog internet page, displayed in the internal browser of SportTracks. Here you can directly download plugins etc..

13) When selecting this submenu with MLC, SportTracks will check for updates. This might take some time.
Once this check is done, in the "Details" colum you will be informed if you have the latest version of a particular plugin installed (if information is available).
MLC a particular plugin in the list. In the lower half, its details are displayed. Also some additional menues, "More information", "Install Update", "Discuss", "Uninstall" are available, possibly greyed out if not available. It all depends from the selected plugin. Use them/select accordingly with MLC.
Note: "Install"/"Uninstall"-icons might not work here, although displayed as active. Don't worry. All plugins still can be installed /deinstalled manually, so don't waste your time here, but read about the handling in the install and update plugins FAQ.


14) Note the list. Plugins can be set inactive by unchecking the corresponding checkbox on the left with MLC. They will stay installed, but will not be launched at SportTracks startup, so their menues also will not be available. You will need to restart SportTracks to have the deactivation/activation to take effect, a corresponding alert will pop up. A suitable way for example to quickly check out if a particular plugin is causing problems.

15) Some (but not necessarily all) plugins will be listed in the plugin submenu on the left. MLC "+"/"-"-icon to expand/contract. MLC a plugin. You will have either some additional informations and/or additional settings for that specific plugin. Some plugins use this way to handle their settings.
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