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Apr 11, 2011

Decouplingratioactive Error

Decouplingratioactive Error

Postby Candive » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:13 am

On my system, the formula {decouplingratio} works, but when I run {decouplingratioactive} I get the following error message:
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Re: Decouplingratioactive Error

Postby Candive » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:53 am

Just some further notes on my investigation into this error.If I calculate a single activity, the statistic is generated. But if I go into settings and calculate the selected row for the entire log book, the error is generated. This may be the reason why didn't notice the problem earlier. The system has no problem calculating when one activity is loaded but fails to complete the calculation for the entire log book. I suspect there is something wrong with my log book.
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Re: Decouplingratioactive Error

Postby Stumpjumper68 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:49 am

Could be possoble that 1 activity is corrupt. You might test smaller portions of your logbook, 1 month, 1 Year etc.
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Re: Decouplingratioactive Error

Postby dirk66 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:30 pm

Somewhere inside the decouplingratioactive formula is a result divided by hr. When you place {AVGHR}>0 in the condition part of your formula, the formula is only calculated when there is an average HR which is greater than zero.

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Re: Decouplingratioactive Error- Solved!

Postby Candive » Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:26 am

Dirk66, thanks for the condition entry, I have included it as part of the formula but in this instance, it did not resolve the problem. I’ll keep it in though since it may solve future issues I may have with this calculation.

Stumpjumper68, I took your advice and tested smaller portions of my logbook to resolve the issue.

I’ll take you through the steps I made to help those who may encounter a similar problem.

    1. First I made a copy of my logbook to mess around with it.

    2. In Activity Reports I sorted the data by Year/month. I started deleting Activities by year and then tested the function to determine if the calc ran clean (without an error popup).

    3. I came down to my last activity and I still had the problem. I deleted it also and reimported an activity. Still the same problem. I then deleted that activity and reimported another. I still had the same problem.

    4. I then turned off all plugins except Calculated Fields to see if the issue was related to another plugin. That didn’t work.

    5. I created a new logbook and imported an Activity – Voila! No error message. Hurray! I imported a couple more. Again success!

    6. So I thought that there must be something wrong with the “shell” of the Logbook or maybe the Athlete data may have the problem.

    7. So I searched some more on the Forum and came to another entry by Stumpjumper68 recommending a user to view the logbook using an XML editor. He recommended Foxe.

    8. In the past, I’ve opened xml files using Notpad but doing this on the ST logbook produced an unstructured dump of data which I personally didn’t understand. So I googled for a free XML editor and came up with Microsoft XML Notepad 2007. Although it was built for Windows Vista and XP, It works on my Windows 7 and apparently on Windows 8.

    9. XML Notepad 2007 put everything in a tabular format and it was then easy to identify what I had missed.

    10. Although I thought I had deleted all my activities, in actual fact I didn’t. I had forgotten about some miscellaneous activities in “My Friends Activities.” Once I deleted these and reimported them (since I still had the fit files) everything worked like a dream.
So the problem wasn’t the formula or plugin, it was just a bunch of corrupt activities I had long forgotten.
Thanks again for both your responses. I hope my detailing of how I eventually resolved this issue will help others faced with a similar problem.
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