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Apr 28, 2018

Saved reports cannot be restored

Saved reports cannot be restored

Postby Tisztul_A_Visztula » Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:35 am


1. Antecedent: I was unhappy that when I click on Activity Reports view I always get the default "the new activity" report view , which is loading very slowly due to the number of my activities, so I wanted to apply a date filter yesterday evening to speed up the "booting" of Reports view. Unfortunately this filter (called Search by) is not saved into Preferences.xml after I set it, so I wanted to somehow manipulate the xml file to enforce this filtering . I did not worry, because I had made several backups with this plugin before, last one like a week ago. Certainly I failed I could not figure out the way how to add permanently any filter to new activity report.

2. Today I realized that all my saved reports have gone from Reports view, only the New Activity is there. I restored the last backup, it clearly showed that preferences.xml was restored, I shutdown ST3 as it was proposed by the plugin. I checked the preferences.xml restored but my reports are still not there. I ran ST3 and I could not see any saved reports. I repeated it with other backup files without success. So I am a bit depressed.

3. Question1: is it possible that not the whole xml is saved? I dont think so. Q2: Is it possible that for some reason the plugin cannot restore the whole preferences.xml file just some part og it? I dont think so. Q3: Is it possible that ST3 overrides the restored preferences.xml in spite of the immediate shutdown. My bet that that it may be.

How can I get back my reports? Is there any way to convert the backup file into some txt format and to copy the <reports> .... </reports> part???
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Re: Saved reports cannot be restored

Postby old_man_biking » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:28 am

The plugin saves and restores the WHOLE preferences file.
The point is: whenever you restore from WITHIN SportTracks, ST will overwrite the preferences file when shutting down.
You have 2 options:
1. Restore from within ST and then KILL SportTracks.exe in Windows Task Manager - brute force but effective
2. The smooth way: ... ocId385022
In order to get this Windows Explorer command you must click "Add 'Restore from backup command' ... to the Windows Explorer context menu" on the plugin settings page
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Re: Saved reports cannot be restored

Postby Mano » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:11 pm

Hello Old Man Biking,

wie kann ich meine Daten unter Window 8.1 zurückspeichern? Ich habe auf meinem alten Rechner (VMWare) ein Backup gezogen und versuche nun dieses zurückzuspeicher, aber wenn ich auf die Datei
SportTracks_2014-02-05_19-31-37_full.st3backup rechts Klicke erscheint kein zurückspeichern. Was läuft hier falsch, oder anders gefragt wie kann ich meine Daten anders zurückspeichern?

Bitte um schnelle Hilfe
Manfred Löffler
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Re: Saved reports cannot be restored

Postby old_man_biking » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:28 am

There are 2 options for restore. Please see the online manual at: ... ocId412238
and ... ocId385022

Of course, SportTracks and the Backup plugin must be installed on the PC, where you want to restore your backup.

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