How to mass import / export / delete in SportTracks

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How to mass import / export / delete in SportTracks

Postby CHnuschti » Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:36 pm

This section explains how to import / export / delete several activities at once in SportTracks.


How can I mass import/export/delete activities?


MLC= Mouse left click
MRC= Mouse right click

Mass import

This is done over the standard import procedure, explained in the Daily Activity FAQ point 5) ff., point 10) detailing it out.
You can import at once several files containing each an activity as well as several files containing each multiple activities.

Mass export / delete

This is done mainly in the Activity Reports view, but also the Daily Activity view offers a few such features.

In the Activity reports view:
1) First (optionally) reduce your list of activities by the search/filter features, as explained in the Activity Reports FAQ point 7) to 11).
2) Then use the group by feature over the MRC menu, group by "none" (=list every activity), week, month, year etc.. Several options available. (Activity Reports FAQ point 12) and 13)).

Once grouped, select wished activities/grouped activities.
  • MLC a line, then press and hold shift key, and MLC another line will select a group.
  • MLC a line, then press and hold Ctrl key, then MLC another line, press and hold Ctrl key again, select another line again etc., will make a selection also of nonadjacent lines.

3) Once you have your complete wished selection:
  • For export, select "Export" with MLC in the Activity Reports Menu and select wished export format. This will export ONE file containing all your selected activities.
  • For deleting, press Delete key on your keyboard. All selected activities will be deleted (not just removed from the list!), you will have to confirm this in a popup window. NO UNDO POSSIBLE!, your selected activities will be gone definitely, deleted from your logbook.

Image Image

4) The same procedure is also possible in the Daily Activity view, with the lines of a single day (if that day contains more than one activity), as well as with the lines "this/last week" and "this/last month". To export, you have to use the export command in the Daily Activity menu. To delete, press Delete key of your keyboard and confirm. In the Daily Activity view, no multiple selection possible, however.

  • Export (current version) does export only one file containing all activities. You can not export as a set of several files each containing one activity.
  • The described procedure is valid for the basic export capabilities of SportTracks (*.fitlog, *.gpx, Google Earth). The behaviour with the export features of some plugins (such as "CSV"-plugin, "Dobrou"-plugin etc.) was not verified.
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