How to change pace to speed or speed to pace

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How to change pace to speed or speed to pace

Postby CHnuschti » Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:36 am


How do I change pace to speed or speed to pace?


MLC= Mouse left click

The assignment of either pace [time/distance] or speed [distance/time] to an activity is done indirectly over the Activity Categories. There, every activity category is either coupled with pace OR speed; you can NOT assign pace AND speed to a particular activity category.
Usually, pace is used for example for running activities, while speed is used for biking activities.

To change:
1) In the "Other Tasks" Menu on the bottom left, MLC "Select view" and then "Categories".
2) Then MLC "Activitiy Categories" on top.
3) Then select the category on the right with MLC for which you want set either pace or speed.
4) Finally, in the "Category Details" panel, among other settings, select pace or speed in the dropdown menu with MLC.

What effect does this have?
In lists (such as the weekly list in the Daily Activity view or the list of the Activity reports view), this has no effect. Here, you can still choose pace AND speed values (=columns) to be displayed.
But in the Daily Activity view, in its summary as well as in its splits and pace/speed panels there will be displayed/available exclusively pace OR speed values(=columns)/charts/graphs, according to the category assigned to the the selected activity.


5) If you have a type of activity for which you are interested in both pace and speed values/charts/graphs, for an easy switch between the display types pace/speed you can proceed as follows:
  • Set up 2 (own) categories as described in the Activity Categories FAQ, assign them once pace and once speed.
  • Then in the summary, splits, pace/speed panels of the Daily Activity view, switch the category with MLC in the dropdown menu. All values(=columns)/charts/graphs will change immediately.
Note: category selection as described is of course "valid" throughout the logbook. To not have totals, sums etc. divided in Activity reports etc., you can however define your both pace and speed categories as subcategories of a "mother" category. This way you still can have the complete totals for that activity type by filtering with the "mother" category and you don't have to care what subcategory you once choosed viewing the single activities.
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