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Splits / laps explained

Postby CHnuschti » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:22 pm

This section explains how to use the splits panel in the Daily Activity view


What are the features of the splits panel in the Daily Activity view, how do I use them?


MLC= Mouse left click

Splits / laps panel is available in the Daily Activity view. It lists your recorded/triggered laps, displays graphs of distances, averages etc. of each lap. But you can also insert/create laps of your choice for an existing track without laps. If in your activity you did not trigger any laps, your hole activity will be regarded as one lap.

1) Go to daily activity view, then select the splits panel with MLC.

2) Your laps are listed in the part upper part, in the lower part you will see a chart summarizing for each lap. By default, all your recorded laps are displayed.
MLC a lap, it will be highlighted in the route view and also in the graph.
End point of each lap is shown in the route view with a yellow square marker containing the number of the lap (ascending with the time). If you move the mouse pointer over it, some informations will be diplayed. You can change/choose the informations to be shown in Settings=>Display=>Routes=>"Lap details:".
To set up and change the values (=columns) to be displayed in the list, see this FAQ points 15)&16). The values (=columns) can not be sorted.
Handling of the chart/graphs is explained in the graphs FAQ.

3) MLC the menu for the set type of laps, you will have entries also for some predefined lap distances as well as for custom distances.

4) For "recorded laps" according to 3), an additional menu for all/active/rest laps is available over MLC.

Active/rest laps

For recorded laps (only), you can define laps either as active or as rest laps anytime (for interval training and the like), over the checkboxes left in the list.
In the Activity Reports view, there are available some special values (=columns) for active/rest laps, in order to enable some analysis of active/rest segments alone.
5) Checked box=active lap; unchecked box=rest lap. Set accordingly with MLC. By default, all laps are set as active.
6) Active and rest laps can be listed separately, you'll have their partial sums, averages etc.. Select over the corresponding menu with MLC.
Image Image

Adding splits/laps

You can add/insert laps of your choice into existing activities, where for example you didn't trigger such laps manually, but are interested to split up the activity in laps for a segmented overview afterwards. This is available for "Recordes laps" and "Custom distances".
7) MLC the "add split"-icon.

8 ) A window "Add Lap" will open. Now choose between single and repeated laps with MLC, then enter the values accordingly and confirm with MLC on "OK".
For single lap, you MUST enter an elapsed time, entering a distance is optional. If you enter also a distance, BOTH values will be entered accordingly, even if not corresponding. See also point 10).
For repeating laps. as much laps as there is "place" for will be added.
You can only add splits points within the existing elapsed time.
Available editable fields also depend whether you are in "calculated" or "manual" mode. See corresponding FAQ for details.

9)You can have the lap time prefilled, if you select the corresponding point with MLC in the Route view prior to add a lap.
Values to be displayed in the route view for a selected point are set/chosen in Settings=>Display=>Routes=>Details.
This way, having distance informations displayed, you also can pick the wished distance of a lap.

10) "Recalculate lap distance" feature

What is this good for? This icon is available only in the "Recorded laps" mode. There, when editing or adding laps, you can enter time AND distance, regardless if they are corresponding or not. Distance (and speed average) of the next lap upward in time will be automatically modified to match the ("given") total distance. MLC on the "Recalculate lap distance"-icon will recalculate all distances based on the entered elapsed time. Prior values are lost.

11) Editing laps/splits

See corresponding descriptions in the manually entered values FAQ, points 10), 11), 12), 13).
Also note the entry about laps/splits without GPS track (trainer/treadmill) for Garmin devices.

12) Deleting/Removing laps/splits

In your list, out of all listed laps, the last one (with most advanced time), represents the hole activity. Therefore it can not be deleted. Select any other lap in the list with MLC. Now MLC the "Remove split"-icon (red cross) to delete the lap. "Deleted" distance, values etc. will be joined together with the next lap following upward in time. You can only delete one single lap at once.

13) Predefined distances for laps

Select one of the predefined distances with MLC, your activity will be split up automatically according to your selection.
This will not mess up your existing, "original" recorded laps, they still can be selected over the same menu.

Custom distances for laps

14) Select "Custom distances" menu entry with MLC. An empty lap list will appear.
15) Then MLC the "Add split"-icon, a window "Add Distance Marker" will open.
Now choose either single or repeating markers with MLC and enter your wished distance, confirm with MLC on "OK", your activity will be split up accordingly.
If you want to add several laps with "non-regular" distance, you'll have to use the "single marker" feature repeatedly.
You can delete laps also here according to 12), but you can not edit laps. As soon you delete the second last lap, everything will be removed.
Once entered custom distance laps are preserved, also if you close SportTracks, for another choice you will have to delete the prior entries first.
Also these custom distances will not mess up your "original" recorded laps.
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