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Bug reporting

Postby gerhard » Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:50 am


I get a pop-up with "Unhandled Exception". What can I do?


Report the problem:

Unhandled exceptions are situations that the coders has not anticipated and should not be causing a pop-up. However, a general catch for all Exceptions have some disadvantages and it is hard to handle all possible exceptions in a sane way, so they will be occurring, especially for the plugins.

In many situations, Pressing "Continue" will let you continue.

To investigate, you need to provide the Exception text by clicking Details (bottom left button) and copy the Exception text (the "loaded assemblies" are not so interesting and should be excluded). Use Tiny font size for the exception text.

Normally, you need the source code to investigate. As ST and many plugins are closed source, only the plugin author can investigate. The exception text will normally point to the plugin (or ST core program) that caused the exception.

The chance to get an answer is much better if you have a detailed step-by-step description on how to reproduce (after a fresh start-up of ST).

1. Find the plugin (or core ST) causing the exception and search the appropriate forum for a solution.
2. If there is no solution, report the problem in the forum related the plugin/core program causing the exception. Include the following:
a. Exception text
b. Detailed description on how to reproduce
c. OS information, ST and plugin versions
Include the language version for the OS/ST/logbook.
d. (advanced) Many problems are Network related. In this case a Wireshark log is useful, recording the network activity.
e. If occurring only for certain activities, offer the logbook or fitlog for the activities
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