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Nov 15, 2011

ACalendar GUI request with mockups

ACalendar GUI request with mockups

Postby Minimimimi » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:46 am

I would love to see GUI cluttering reduced and here are my simple ideas to achieve this. Left image shows the current state of the GUI, right image is a mockup of how it should be in my humble opinion:

1) Merge "Calendar Year" and "Calendar Month" under "Other Tasks -> Select view" into one single item called "ACalendar"

Image Image

2) Have a sun icon next to a moon icon in your plugin's viewport to toggle between "Calendar Year" and "Calendar Month". Chart view should reflect that toggle too.

Image Image

Free icons used in mockup for your reference: ... -anonymous ... .rollandin

Best regards
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Re: ACalendar GUI request with mockups

Postby Candive » Wed Aug 27, 2014 5:49 pm

I just installed this plugin today and was very impressed with the functionality. It provides a great visual representation of all your activities during the month and year. After playing with the plugin, I came to this forum to see what others thought about it. I had to respond to this enhancement request. Minimimimi, hit it on the nail. His request is more efficient and intuitive to the user. Hopefully we will see it in a future version. But even in its current state, this is an excellent plugin everyone should have. Great work!
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