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Nov 15, 2011

Activity Date/Time Problem

Activity Date/Time Problem

Postby GregTR » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:10 am

This is a bug that probably most people won't find or care about. But anyone who travels to different continents and ends up working out there will probably find it.

For every exercise there is the time of the exercise and there is a time zone that corresponds with that exercise. The problem is that Activity YearView only looks at the time of the exercise and the time zone of the computer that the user uses.

So for example, I live in TX which is UTC-6 in the winder and UTC-5 in the summer during daylight savings. I have my computer set to this time zone. I also travel to Europe sometime and it means I will work out there. Most of Europe is UTC+1 or UTC+2 in the summer.

So most of my workouts are in the US but when I exercise in Europe I tend to exercise in the morning, let's say I work out on 08/08/11 at 06:30 UTC+1 while in Europe. That time is actually 08/07/11 23:30 UTC-6, the local time of my PC. So Activity YearView will log it and display it as if I did that exercise on 8/7/11 just before midnight instead of treating it as a morning workout on 8/8/11. So if I ran in Europe on 8/7/11 at 08:00 UTC+1 then at 8/8/11 at 06:30 UTC+1, in Activity YearView these two exercises will both show up on 8/7/11 and it will look like I did a double workout while I did not exercise on 8/8/11 at all.
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