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A way to split the logbook file and boost the loading

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:40 am
by dgoghero
Firstable, Use Glary Utilities to segment the file into smaller parts (a professional version is not needed)
For that, Go to Advanced Tools and click File and Folders/File Splitter
A window is displayed. Follow the intructions and hit Split Now (see screenshot1)

Files with a double extension (.logbook3.numberofsegments.gfs) are created (Important : the original file is not deleted)

Change the name of the created files and Delete the extension numberofsegments.gfs to find back the logbook3 extension : the size of the splitted files is not changed.

Example : A segmented file History of Yourusername-segment1.logbook3.1.gfs (Glary Utilities Splitted Files Type) must be displayed History of Yourusername-segment1.logbook3 (SportTracks 3 Logbook File Type)

Second, as the splitting is randomly done, you need to have an XML Editor to recreate the structure of the file : a Freeware like Foxe works very well.

Open the first splitted file. At the beginning of the file, Delete the first characters to obtain the line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

From the end of the file, Delete the characters until the line </Activity>

Then, below the line </Activity>, Type </Activities> (this line means the end of the activities)

From the last splitted file, Copy all characters from line <Routes> to line </Logbook> (the lines must be included). Paste in the first segmented file below the line </Activities> and Save.

Open again the first splitted file. In any case, all the markers must be green as seen in the screenshot 2 (A red or yellow color means an error in the structure and the splitted logbook file will not work for Sporttracks)

PS : it is also possible to add or remove some activities to make a yearly logbook file