A way to split the logbook file and boost the loading

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A way to split the logbook file and boost the loading

Postby dgoghero » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:40 am

Firstable, Use Glary Utilities to segment the file into smaller parts (a professional version is not needed)
For that, Go to Advanced Tools and click File and Folders/File Splitter
A window is displayed. Follow the intructions and hit Split Now (see screenshot1)

Files with a double extension (.logbook3.numberofsegments.gfs) are created (Important : the original file is not deleted)

Change the name of the created files and Delete the extension numberofsegments.gfs to find back the logbook3 extension : the size of the splitted files is not changed.

Example : A segmented file History of Yourusername-segment1.logbook3.1.gfs (Glary Utilities Splitted Files Type) must be displayed History of Yourusername-segment1.logbook3 (SportTracks 3 Logbook File Type)

Second, as the splitting is randomly done, you need to have an XML Editor to recreate the structure of the file : a Freeware like Foxe works very well.

Open the first splitted file. At the beginning of the file, Delete the first characters to obtain the line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

From the end of the file, Delete the characters until the line </Activity>

Then, below the line </Activity>, Type </Activities> (this line means the end of the activities)

From the last splitted file, Copy all characters from line <Routes> to line </Logbook> (the lines must be included). Paste in the first segmented file below the line </Activities> and Save.

Open again the first splitted file. In any case, all the markers must be green as seen in the screenshot 2 (A red or yellow color means an error in the structure and the splitted logbook file will not work for Sporttracks)

PS : it is also possible to add or remove some activities to make a yearly logbook file
Screenshot 2.PNG
Correct Structure of the logbook file from the xml editor Foxe
Screenshot 2.PNG (74.36 KiB) Viewed 2797 times
Screenshot 1.PNG
Splitting Window From Glary Utilities
Screenshot 1.PNG (17.98 KiB) Viewed 2797 times
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