Garmin 705 Import

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Garmin 705 Import

Postby IAlvino » Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:32 am

Will someone please tell me the latest way that works to import workouts from my Garmin 705? I've searched the website and forums countless times, none of the methods I've found on the SportTracks website actually works. SportTracks has been useless to me because I can't get my data into it.
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Re: Garmin 705 Import

Postby texmurphy » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:38 am

The 705 should mount as a mass storage device (usb connected hard drive). Then look in the drive folder <usb_drive>:/garmin/activities/

ST Tutorial wrote: ... min-import
USB "Mass Storage" Devices
Edge 800, 500, 605, 705, Forerunner 210, others ending in 'x'

Many newer Garmin devices support a view of the GPS as a virtual hard-drive when connected to your PC which garmin calls "Mass Storage Mode". The GPS may automatically show as a new hard-drive (eg F:\) when the USB is connected, or you may need to access the GPS menus to put it into this mode. For details on your particular model of GPS, refer to the Garmin website.

To import data for these devices you'll use the same method as the ANT Devices import. In the import dialog, instead of navigating to the ANT sync folder, find your workouts on the GPS virtual hard-drive.
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