Add Device that's not listed to Import Data?

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Add Device that's not listed to Import Data?

Postby Kentc » Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:38 pm

I have SportTracks desktop client version 3.1.6879, and I just purchased a Garmin Edge 520 Plus. When I click the + sign on the "Select data to import" screen SportsTracks does not list my device. What do I need to do to have SportsTracks list that device?

I'd really like to have the data imported into the desktop client from Garmin Express or Garmin Connect automatically over the Internet, but discovering how to do that is a mystery. Maybe it's just me and too many years of software development experience, but I find SportsTracks discoverability to be one of it's biggest challenges.
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Re: Add Device that's not listed to Import Data?

Postby texmurphy » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:50 pm

All .fit imports should be done using mass storage file import rather than device import. I.e. go to <drive>:/Garmin/Activities to pull the activities.

The Edge 520 Plus uses newer formatted .fit files which the ST3 native fit importer cannot read.
If you had license for omb's Garmin Fit Devices Plugin then you should use that.
Note omb has shut his store and you can no longer license his plugins.

ZoneFive prefers that you use Mobi, their online subscription version of SportTracks, to capture upload from Connect to Mobi and synch with ST3.

Otherwise if you have to use ST3 with native .fit import, you will need to convert the 520 Plus activity to old style .fit. Among other tools to do this you could use FitFileRepairTool which is great. See:
Or download the activity back from Connect as a tcx file for import to ST3.
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Re: Add Device that's not listed to Import Data?

Postby admin » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:15 pm

The ST3 Windows PC software is limited to work with older Garmin devices, since before 2017.

For new Garmin watches, a better product choice is to go with the SportTracks online platform. All the new Garmin devices are supported, along with CIQ fields, custom sensor data, run data fields, pool swim heart-rate, and of course Polar, Suunto and Apple Watch as well.
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