Rotor 2InPower session playback

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Rotor 2InPower session playback

Postby tndmbkr » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:09 pm

I am the proud owner of a Rotor2InPower power meter.
With the accompanying software it is possible to investigate your pedal technique on the bike.
Unfortunately this software package only shows live data.
It does not offer a playback function of your workout.

Though CSVexport of workout data is possible,
I think it is difficult to create a meaningful chart in Excel.
Because datatransmission between power meter and ANT+/Bluetooth dongle is poor.
Though Rotor claims high frequency measurements, you have two different values for Angle in your CSVfile within 40 msec.
An accuracy of 40 msec is required when you want to investigate your pedaltechnique in a certain phase.
Every degree of crank rotation takes 2 msec

I cannot find a good position for my ANT+ or Bluetooth dongle.
I think ANT+ is more accurate than Bluetooth, provided sender and receiver can "see" each other.
When you want to transmit data with Bluetooth, the distance between power meter and receiver is not important for accuracy.

The best position for your ANT+dongle is your ankle (inside right foot).
But the inner wire of your USBcable will break after 2500 bends of the knee.

My question: Did anyone find a satisfying solution for the positioning of the ANT+dongle?

Below you see a chart created from a CSVfile and imported into CustomDataTracks plugin.
The timeframe is about 2 sec
The purple line is the Torque
The red line is the Angle of the crank
The chart shows very well the difference between Torque when crank is horziontal or vertical, is huge.
I have got to work hard on my pedal efficiency.
But this chart does not show enough detail to establish the Optimum Chainring Angle
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