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Postby dbrillha » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:15 pm

I split my 2010 to 2016 workouts into 2 logbooks (2010-2015, and another 2016). To try to fix a problem. It didn't fix it.

So I want to merge those two logbooks back together into a single database of all my workouts.

When I split off the older stuff, the CloudSync also removed all the old records from the MOBI on-line version. So now MOBI only has 2016 workouts.

So my two questions are:

1. How can I merge two logbooks back into one?
2. Will this cause all those deleted workouts from MOBI to resync and put them back in the on-line version of SportTracks?

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Postby texmurphy » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:18 pm

The main reason I cannot use Mobi - it won't work when you need to maintain multiple logbooks due to large history.

ST3 will not merge logbooks and Admin has said this is not a future option. Look in Enhancements viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16010

Assuming you have backups of your two logbooks:
Your best bet is to disconnect from Mobi, then export as fitlog all the activities in the older logbook.
You will then need to load these into the newer logbook.

Why older export to newer import?
I assume when you split the logbook, you kept the older athlete data and the older equipment data in you newer logbook. So when you merge older activities, your equipment will have the same UID's as were used in the older logbook which got carried over to the new logbook. This may preserve equipment data.
If you had adjusted equipment data in the newer logbook for active equipment at the time of the split (by entering data into the prior usage field), you will need to clear the prior usage. You may want to do this before the import operation.

Please do this merge on a copy of your logbook with originals in secure backup.
Once the merge is complete, and hopefully successful, then you will need to force Mobi to synch with your complete logbook.

Mobi will eventually fail ST3 logbooks when Mobi has too much data to load into ST3 - you may be there already once the merge is complete. I.e. when Mobi tries to update ST3 logbook the result is an ST3 OOM fault.

If you do not care about equipment and are willing to manually enter 2016 athlete data, then perform the move from 2016 into the older logbook.

In general, to keep plugins like Training Load working, I split at 2 years rather than at one.
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