Fenix 3 activity import - solution

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Fenix 3 activity import - solution

Postby semperfi » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:19 pm

I started using SportTracks with my Garmin 305 a few years back. Recently when I upgraded and could not find it listed as an interface I was told when importing to access the folder on the left, then find my watch as a drive and import the activities that way. Since I still have my 305 it is one of the option for the import and until a couple days ago I always used the two different ways to import activities (running for me). Anyway a couple days ago I was distracted when importing and accidently used the Garmin 205/305 device and it next listed the activities I had not imported yet and I went ahead and imported. So far it seems the data I regularly use it all there and thought I would share with the group in case others also need the same ability. I plan on keep using the Garmin 305 to import my Fenix 3 activities unless Admin tells me I am missing some information on the import. Have a great day!!! BTW, love this software. :D :D
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