[ST3] Corrupted TCX exports from Garmin Connect

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[ST3] Corrupted TCX exports from Garmin Connect

Postby admin » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:29 pm

Garmin Connect recently made an update that introduced a bug in their TCX export. Certain TCX files can now include bad data points at latitude = 0, longitude = 0, a valid point for those doing workouts in Africa, but not for others.

Until this is fixed by Garmin, the solution is to not use these corrupted TCX exports from Garmin Connect. You can instead export the original FIT file recorded by your device and import that to ST3.

If you use the Garmin Autosync through the online SportTracks products you shouldn't see this problem at all - only for manually imported TCX files to ST3 that were exported from Garmin Connect.
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Re: [ST3] Corrupted TCX exports from Garmin Connect

Postby ToeJammer » Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:46 am

I have seen this on about two occasions now, one just today (8-24-2016) The track shows up fine in Garmin Connect, and it also appears okay in Strava using an export file imported to Strava using tapiriik. So I wonder if they have a means to eliminate or ignore points with zero latitude and longitude. Which would make sense unless you are running while on a cruise ship off the coast of Africa. If this is the case could SportTracks do the same thing? I was fixing the tracks with TCX Converter, but it seems to drop some info like cadence. (But I may not be setting it up correctly.) Will try using FIT next time this happens.
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