HRM-TRI *SWIM* Data Import into ST3 and mobi

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HRM-TRI *SWIM* Data Import into ST3 and mobi

Postby the5krunner » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:03 am

importing data into st3 from a fit file from a 920xt fware 5.20 and a HRM-TRI belt does not seem to import hr data when used in the 920's pool swim mode (presumably also open water swim)

    HR data does not appear in St3 or mobi
    also HR Data does not show in OMB's Pool Swimming plugin
    Nor in Firstbeat Athlete
    But HR data is shown in Garmin Connect
    but not in Garmin Connect Mobile.

a bike session with the same HRM seems to work fine.
this HRM caches data in the pod and uploads to the watch at the end of the swim session

I have noted the comments of others on various bulletin boards stating possible changes introduced by Garmin to the FIT file format

suggestion : at this stage use the standard fit importer until contradicted here but that doesn't always work either! Another suggestion is to try a multisport session rather than just swimming. that might work (just lap through the bike/run and then press stop.)

“At the end of the session, the 920 receives all the stored (and time-stamped) heart rate data from the HRM-Tri and simply appends that data to the end of the .fit file. The 920 uses the data to compute some summary metrics for display in History, but the full merging of the HR data into the activity file is done offline by a HR Swim plugin on the PC side. Merging all the HR data with the rest of the activity data is computationally intensive and would be taxing on the 920 resources. It is faster for the user and easier overall to do it this way. Source Garmin via dcrainmaker”
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