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Mar 10, 2016

That occasional length missing...

That occasional length missing...

Postby Z74 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:29 am

The only thing I really miss in this plugin is the ability to fix lengths manually.

I ended the first interval today with 975m so one length was not counted but it indeed was performed. Strangely, the 40th was marked as paused and even if I try to make it active it won't change. Never mind the second and third intervals were all ending with those 25m missing... fixing those 25m would have made the perfect log. I don't know why it happened... I think I hit the LAP button (and entered rest mode) immediately after hitting the block. This didn't give time for the F3 to actually record the length but I thought there could be something to fix it with the PS plugin.

As far as I recall, I did fix many lengths with the A3 (auto-fixing) but the F3 is very accurate and rarely misses a shot. This is one of those cases manually entering data within each category (swolf stk/rt etc) would REALLY bring this plugin to an entirely new level. I can see the 3' pause but in those 3' there's that 25m which is missing from the first interval... the averaging on the 100m and 1km data can only be wrong with those 25m missing.

Sorry to be repetitive but this plugin is really perfect and this is the only thing it misses. :D
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Re: That occasional length missing...

Postby old_man_biking » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:36 am

Please create a post with a poll to see how many other users would need this feature, in order to "bring this plugin to an entirely new level".
If a substantial number of supporters chime in, I'll consider it.

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Re: That occasional length missing...

Postby Z74 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:05 am

OMB, this is not the NYT website with 150.000 visits per hour. :)

Besides, when one is asking for a new feature, why would someone else vote no? Anything free is always good. :?:

I think an instrument may not fail as often as it does with swimming. The other people in the lane cramming the block, swimmers you can't pass who mess with your stroke rate, swimmers who do not yeld at the block and you've got to do crazy things at times to keep the log clean.

There seems to be no apparent reason why that last 25m were not triggered... and I dont understand why SP can't fix it. A bug perhaps? The "sensitivity" for the fixing feature is not correct?

Look at 39-41.

The 40th length (1 km marker) was recorded AFTER a pause. (1000m intervals). I hit the lap button when I reached the block, held still, this triggered a REST period but the length wasn't recorded.
Then the 2nd interval starts with 41st correctly but from then on, it's never gonna get to 2000m, nor the 3rd interval to 2500m (but the integration with the drill feature is marvellous).
Can you please look at this log? https://www.dropbox.com/s/tct4e95cfyfji ... 2.FIT?dl=0

What do you think happened? Why wasn't that length recorded correctly and why the plugin can't identify and correct the issue?

Puzzled. :?:
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Re: That occasional length missing...

Postby the5krunner » Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:03 pm

I've wasted approximately 27.5% of my life trying to fix fit files
99.9% of the time it doesn't matter
training time is approximately 8.2% of my life

the fit file editors are good for all the little details. this works with the new hrm-tri/swim data eg http://fitfilerepairtool.info/
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Re: That occasional length missing...

Postby Z74 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:41 pm

It is indeed an occasional fix that we need, most of the times luckily the instruments don't fail... but there's times when you need precision, i.e. because there's a problem in the activity you saved and you need it perfect because you intend to race it over and over again against yourself (it's just an example of course). Those 100m missing on the GPS mean the instrument will ALWAYS fail at reporting you have reached your goal or the records you hold on ST will not be correctly set because a length is missing (many possible examples).

Imagine you are to look for your worst and best 10x100 intervals in swimming. If you can't fix your very FIRST you will never know where you started from. A single length missing means it's all over before you can even start studying.

In the particular case I mentioned, the F3 basically didn't record the length and it stood at 975 when i pressed LAP. At that point it entered the rest period until I hit LAP and started swimming again for the next active interval. It looks to me that the PS plugin saw something wrong happening because it displays 39 lengths, then a pause that lasted 2 minutes, then the 40th length (1000m) and THEN the 2nd interval (which was recorded correctly with 10x100... it means 10 times in a row perfect).

I was surprised not to see the auto-fix tool handling it but that's because I used it with the Ambit2/3 logs and it was the first time with the F3 (this is possibly the very first length the F3 ever missed).
The strange thing is that the first interval should say 40 the normal way but with the "game" I explained above, it's the second interval that shows 39 lengths and yet that was a perfectly recorded 10x100 (10 times 4 lengths, all recorded).


See, it's like A and B should have been swapped because I paused at the 40th length (which wasn't recorded by the Fenix3). The PS plugin recorded the 40th length AFTER the pause. I'm wondering if this is a bug of PS in misinterpreting what the F3 reported. It's more out of curiosity to find out what happened than really NEED to fix it.

Going back to the matter of log editing, I use Neotrack2 to fix logs... it's very awkward, far from perfect and very time-consuming.
I agree that the repairfit tool you pointed out is surely a lot more complete from the looks... however it didn't work the first time I installed it some years ago and it didn't work 5 minutes ago again when I re-downloaded it upon reading your post. Error in language library.

I think that it's the analyzer and, in this case, ST3 that should handle file editing (so, not even the plugin but ST3 itself should have its inbuilt editor). I know some will not agree and others will think it's unnecessary but I think it is because when you're forced to buy another software to edit the files this doesn't look good for your primary tool.

At any rate, I ran back home from the gym with the HRM in the sports bag a few days ago.
It was very wet so it must have picked something when I was recording this run (will be racing this course from and to the gym but without HR) and the ST3 editor allowed me to remove this fake HR from the log. I was very happy to see it worked. :D
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Re: That occasional length missing...

Postby Z74 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:06 am

UPDATE: Thanks to this online tool http://www.swimmingwatchtools.com/ I figured that the 39th length could be split in 2 and that fixed the stats basically (it's not one length at an exact timing that makes the average of a 1 km interval but it does change the averages when those 25" were taken off the rest and inserted into a lenght that was missing). :roll:
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