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Mar 7, 2015

WISH: Planning & Goals

WISH: Planning & Goals

Postby ksherman » Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:08 pm

First and most importantly is to join the chorus and say AMAZING. Love it.
Anyway following on from PoC's thread about per week scheduling it would also be nice to be able to add a goal of type "Event". All this would do is display on the calendar for planning purposes, although you could mark it as achieved also. The Events would likely be A, B and C level races (with different colouring)? i.e. In a year you might have 2-3 A level races that will determine whether you had a successful year or not, then you would have B level races that are there to build you towards your A races. Then there are the C races which are just there for entertainment or fun. Some free-form fields could be associated with these, entries close, distance, start time, cost etc.
Also on the overview page it would be nice to be able to show the plan based on weeks as well as the current days, and with actuals listed. The current days only view means the overview only shows what you have left to do, not what you have done vs plan for the week. Not sure I am describing that clearly?

I know this is future stuff but just thought I would get in early.

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