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Comparing planned and done workouts

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 4:55 am
by staffann
When I plan my training, I usually do it in an excel sheet. This is because there are some simple but crucial functionality that AFAIK is missing in both RYG and fit plan.

First I want to be able to compare the planned activities to the ones actually performed. I want to compare things like distance and time, but also the activity category or similar that shows what kind of activity was planned and performed.
Secondly I want a weekly summary of both the planned and performed activities, so that I can see the total distance, total time and other interesting data.

One way of implementing the above is to add it to a calender view, but it may be difficult to find the space to show the data. A better way may be to have a list view (or two lists beside eachother, one for planned activities and one for performed activities, but both of them being synched regarding the dates they show).

Is there any chance that the above could be included in RYG?